Get a Feature-packed White Label Crowdfunding Software

Got a cause to fund? Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for causes you believe in. VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding clone script lets you create a fully-featured white label crowdfunding platform where you can seamlessly raise funds for your causes or help others out by hosting their projects. Whether you’re trying to reach out globally to raise money for your community or on your way to making a feature-length independent movie, our white label crowdfunding software platform is the perfect solution.

Your quick start to the crowdfunding business

Fundraising businesses do not usually pop up over-night. It takes quite some time to set up and market because people tend to only invest in things they trust. Our blockchain powered crowdfunding script is the perfect solution for start-ups looking to get into the crowdfunding scene, with all the latest features and air-tight security of blockchain technology.


Local community fundraising

A successful crowdfunding campaign requires effective crowdfunding clone script. Help develop your local communities and raise funds for their welfare using our crowdfunding software platform. Attract new investors from all over the world and show them how they can help support your local communities, with effective campaign marketing tools using VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfund software.

Product or service-based fundraising

Product and serviced-based fundraising are great for gaining the trust of donors. Connecting a product or service with your crowdfunding campaign can help improve the visibility and authenticity of it. Our crowdfunding software platform allows you to create product or service-based crowdfunding campaigns, totally hassle-free.


NGO & Charity fundraising

VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding software platform is the perfect fundraising solution for NGOs & Charities. Powerful campaign marketing tools and crypto-integration on our crowdfund software enables you to showcase your cause in front of millions of people around the world and attract donors. Give your business a brand name and create perfect fundraising campaigns with our white label crowdfunding software.

Large-sized enterprise crowdfunding

Our crowdfunding software platform is perfect for start-ups and exceptional for large-sized enterprises. Harboring the most powerful tools and with the most advanced technology integrated into its core foundation, VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding clone script gives your enterprise the tools and the power to embark on successful crowdfunding expeditions. Get the most feature-packed crowdfunding software platform for your enterprise business with VinDAX Cloud.


Real Estate Fundraising

Although a relatively newer concept, Real Estate crowdfunding is quickly gaining traction because of its amazing possibilities. By using our crowdfunding software platform, you can raise capital for your real estate projects without huge investments from your company’s pocket. Let your real estate business grow with flexible capital fundraising methods using VinDAX Cloud’s crypto powered crowdfunding software platform.

Lending Crowdfunding

Lending crowdfunding is similar to getting loans for your project but through open crowdfunding. This is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to begin new projects and they can raise capital from lenders using crowdfunding campaigns. Our crypto powered crowdfunding clone platform allows budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to run successful lending crowdfunding campaigns with special tools for peer-to-peer lending.


Top Features for Users

When we said that our crowdfunding software platform is the best that there is, we meant it. But we know that just talking the talk is not enough. Our crowdfunding software development team has worked tirelessly to bring you the best features that technology has to offer. So, let's take a look at the features that your users will get on your crowdfunding.

Powerful admin panel

Users on your platform get the best admin panel, letting them create, manage, and market their crowdfunding campaigns easily. Help your users get the most out of their fundraising campaigns with our white label crowdfunding software platform.

Flexible payment methods

Our crypto powered crowdfunding software gives your users flexible payment methods. The integration of both crypto and fiat currencies allows your users to showcase their campaigns in front of the world and attract millions of investors.

Secure and reliable platform

Our Blockchain powered crowdfunding software keeps your campaigns and funds secure. With the security of blockchain technology, our white label crowdfunding software platform is the perfect solution for all your fundraising needs.

Progress graph

When it comes to raising capital for a project or cause, assessing your progress is key to a successful campaign. Measure your crowdfund campaign’s success and get detailed progress graphs on our crowdfunding software platform.

Instant notification alerts

Stay up-to-date on everything that happens on your campaign with our white label crowdfunding software platform. Get all the notifications instantly on your mobile app and as email alerts, on VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding software platform.

Admin Features

The right tools can prove to be game-changers when it comes to running a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now that we’ve taken a look at what the users get with our crowdfunding software, let's look at some of the features included specifically in the admin dashboard.

Campaign management

Seamlessly create and manage multiple fundraising campaigns right inside the admin dashboard on VinDAX Cloud’s white label crowdfunding software platform, and make an impact for your cause.

Social media interaction

Marketing your campaigns can be tricky especially with thousands of campaigns out there. Our crowdfunding software platform lets you interact with social media platforms, right inside the admin panel.

Dynamic service fees

Set dynamic service fees depending on the type of campaign, right inside the admin panel on our crowdfunding software platform. Let your users make the most out of their campaigns and make a difference.

User management

On our crowdfunding software platform, you can manage users right on the admin panel without any hassle, making sure that campaigns on your platform are completely safe from users with illicit intent.

Multiple Currencies

Huge fund requirements need crowdfunding software that can push your campaigns to global audiences. You get exactly that with VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding software platform, with multi-currency support.

Media gallery

Networking is a big part of any successful campaign. Let your users post relevant news and media about their campaigns using our crowdfunding software platform, with a dedicated media gallery section.

Campaign updates

Your users deserve to know what’s going on with the cause they donate for. Give the latest campaign updates to your users with prompt notifications and periodic emails on our crowdfunding software.

Campaign feedback

A fundraising campaign’s success depends on how well you manage it, and that insight, only your users can give you. Let your users give feedback on your fundraising campaigns and perfect your strategy.

Crypto powered crowdfunding

Our crypto powered crowdfunding software platform allows users to make donations flexibly using crypto tokens.

All types of cryptocurrency are accepted in payment

Our blockchain powered crowdfunding software allows you to accept payments in all popular cryptocurrencies.


Our crowdfunding software platform lets you monetize your website by leasing out ad spaces on your funding website.

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Frequently asked questions

VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding software platform offers various payment options including multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies.

You can use both fiat currencies like US Dollars, UK Pounds, etc., and all popular cryptocurrencies on VinDAX Cloud’s crowdfunding software platform.

You can get specialized licensing plans specifically tailored for your business with our white label crowdfunding software platform.

Our crowdfunding software is highly secure with the added security that comes with blockchain technology.

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