What is a PancakeSwap Clone?

A PancakeSwap clone script allows you to launch a stable decentralized exchange (DEX) and get started quickly in DeFi. It has all of the features of popular DEXs such as token swap, staking, and farming. Our PancakeSwap clone is a completely white label solution and can be customized for your idea. Get started quickly in DeFi with our dex exchange development services.

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Script

Our decentralized exchange development services allows you to launch your own DEX like uniswap. The platform is completely white label and can be customized just for your project. Enter the world of DeFi through our PancakeSwap clone script.

PancakeSwap clone Features

Our PancakeSwap clone script allows you to create a decentralized exchange with all the features of popular DEX platforms.

Flash Swapping

Flash Swap on our PancakeSwap clone script allows users to withdraw upto 100% of a token’s reserves and participate in arbitrage opportunities. If they are unable to make a trade, the transaction is reverted.

Competitive pricing

Get your DEX up and running quickly with minimal setup and maintenance cost. Our dex development service gives you a dex platform that is competitively-priced and internally audited by expert quality analysts.

Yield Farming

Our dex development services allow you to create new DeFi earning opportunities for your users. Launch your own yield farming and dex protocol with expert guidance and internally audited PancakeSwap clone.

Custom Cordapps development

Cordapp development helps you create blockchain applications for your business that emphasize privacy, security, and scalability.

Token Versatility

Through our decentralized exchange development services, you can launch your PancakeSwap fork on any blockchain. This versatile PancakeSwap clone script allows you to cater to users from different crypto backgrounds.

No holding of funds

Our PancakeSwap clone is fully decentralized and trustless, meaning that everything works through smart contracts. No funds are stored with the platform or owner which makes everything peer-to-peer and liability-free.

Secured Transactions

Our PancakeSwap clone script runs on internally-audited and secured smart contracts. This makes it completely trustless and makes transactions secured through the blockchain.

ERC20 token trading

Our decentralized exchange development service uses a PancakeSwap clone script that runs on solidity smart contracts. This means that you can launch your dex to suit any blockchain that complies with the ERC20 token standard.

Absence of order book

Just like uniswap, our PancakeSwap clone script also runs on the revolutionary Automated Market Maker (AAM) model. No order book is maintained anywhere with the admin which makes trades peer-to-peer.

Highly confidential

You can choose to Dox your ownership to your DEX or remain anonymous forever. Through our dex exchange development service, you can create a new wave in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Benefits of PancakeSwap Clone

Using our PancakeSwap clone script is your quickest way to run a trustless online business in the decentralized finance universe.

Less investment

Our PancakeSwap clone allows you to launch your decentralized exchange quickly and cost-efficiently when compared to building it from scratch.

Disposal of middlemen

Both you and your users can get rid of all middlemen and make transactions that are trustless and decentralized.

High ROI

Our dex exchange development service uses a PancakeSwap clone of our own making, and includes multiple revenue streams for your business.

Liquidity Benefits

No need to source third-party liquidity provider services as our PancakeSwap clone is completely decentralized and user-centric.

Instant Swaps

Users don’t have to wait for orders to fill like in a regular centralized exchange. They can swap tokens instantly by connecting their web3 wallets.

Blockchain Devlopment Platform
Censorship Resistant

Since users directly interact with blockchain, your platform built on our PancakeSwap clone will be decentralized and censorship resistant.

LP rewards

Users can make use of the liquidity mining feature and earn reward for providing liquidity for token pairs.

Our PancakeSwap Clone Script Development Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

Our PancakeSwap clone is a premade Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol that we can customize for your business and launch on any blockchain.

You can launch our PancakeSwap clone on any blockchain that uses solidity smart contracts and EVM.

Absolutely! Our PancakeSwap clone is a completely white label solution and can be customized just for your project.

Yes, you can just connect with our executive through the site’s chat feature or through any of our other contact channels and we will send you a fully-functional demo.

We maintain long-term collaborative connections with all our clients. Our expert developers and consultants will always be available to help you out.