What is POA Blockchain?

Proof of authority (PoA) is an algorithm used with blockchains that delivers comparatively fast transactions

In PoA-based networks, transactions and blocks are validated by approved accounts, known as validators

It does not depend on nodes solving arbitrarily difficult mathematical problems, but instead uses a set of “authorities” - nodes that are explicitly allowed to create new blocks and secure the blockchain. The chain has to be signed off by the majority of authorities, in which case it becomes a part of the permanent record.

Why POA Blockchain Platform is NextGen digital trust solution?

Businesses need a blockchain solution that can handle highly confidential information without having to worry about security.

Moreover, the fast-paced environment of the industry demands precision, efficiency, and scalability as your business grows. POA is a Distributed Ledger Technology solution (DLT) that emphasizes privacy, scalability, and security.

This makes POA blockchain development the perfect solution for building apps if you are an enterprise.


POA Blockchain Development Service

Fork Ethereum blockchain with a consensus algorithm of POA

Branding explorer (follow our standard, logo & color change only)

Network Status monitor (based on our standard)

Brand block explorer: for example https://scan.vindax.com

Blockchain Documentation (based on our standard)

Predefined maximum supply, time of blocks.

Testnet Blockchain & Faucet App (based on our standard)

Fully compatible with MetaMask: just change the network.

Fully compatible with all Ethereum's contracts and dapps.

Automatically configure Metamask Wallet with a single click.

Provide Blockchain API (based on our standard)

Our blockchain can achieve a remarkable TPS up to 100k

Build 5 virtual nodes on status monitoring page for marketing boost

Web3, GameFi, Metaverse, Smart contract, decentralized application, and toolset interoperability with Ethereum and similar EVM chains.

The ecosystem is expanding to accommodate many forms of secure peer-to-peer and microtransactions, conference and community currencies, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, games, and more.

POA Blockchain Features

Smart Contract Solutions

Automate tedious tasks and drive your operations faster through airtight blockchain smart contracts with our POA blockchain development services.

High Scalability

Public blockchains have often not made it into enterprise due to their lack of scalability. POA blockchain development provides top-most scalability.

Multilateral Ledger

POA blockchain development allows the participants on the network to keep copies of the transactions that they view, instead of just being observers.

Enterprise Support

POA blockchain development is the perfect solution for enterprise applications due to its high security, privacy, and scalability.

Point-to-Point Architecture

With POA blockchain development, you can create solutions with point-to-point architecture which means that only participants of transactions can access it.

Pluggable Consensus

POA blockchain development allows for pluggable consensus, meaning that you can make changes to your platform without any downtime.

Special Offers

Vindax Cloud offers flexible support tailored to meet your exact requirements.

POA Network Builder

Using POA blockchain development, you can build testing networks through the Network Builder, similar to ‘Test Net’s of public blockchains.

Network Bootstrapper

The Network Bootstrapper is a tool that allows you to create test networks for development and testing purposes.

Demo Bench

The Demo Bench desktop application allows you to create and launch local nodes for training and demonstration purposes.

Node Explorer

Node Explorer acts as a visual interface for you to inspect the nodes on the network and perform regular tasks.

Why Hire VinDAX Cloud for POA Development?

Team of Blockchain Experts

We are a POA blockchain development company with an expert team of blockchain developers that have worked with global businesses for many years.

Cost-Effective & Timely Delivery

In any business, time is money. This is why our project management team coordinates each project to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery of your products.

Complete Transparency

We believe highly in being transparent with the way we work, always keeping our clients in the loop with regular progress updates and reports.

Secured and Reusability of code

All of our enterprise solutions are built to be scalable and secure. We use reuse existing code when we can to ensure bug-free applications and shorter product delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

Provide blockchain logo for us to do the rebranding for explorer, docs pages, faucet, status monitoring. Required format: transparent png & 800 x 300

Provide these criteria for building blockchain

  • - Coin name and ticker; Network name (similar to erc20)
  • - Time between each block (15s by default, 3s minimum)
  • - Total supply
  • - Block explorer domain
  • - On PC, using Chrome, install metamask and connect with ethereum blockchain to get an address. This address will be used for receiving the premine coin, later when move to the network on metamask , we will use this address to manage premine coin
  • - 4 servers (2 servers set up CentOS 7, Ram 8GB - CPU 2 - Storage 80 GB; 2 servers set up CentOS 7, Ram 4GB - CPU 2 - Storage 40 GB;); Provide IP; SSH Username; Root Password
  • - Configure domain point explorer for mainnet, explorer for testnet, faucet for testnet, rpc for mainnet, rpc for testnet, doccumentation and status page
  • - Github info to upload the source code explore, blockchain (Github account username; Password)

Blockchain: Go

Explorer: Elixir & postgreSQL

EVM use: go ethereum

Faucet & status monitoring: ReactJS

Validator will get transaction fee on every transaction it validates

To understand about how to become a validator, you can refer to https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/15541/how-to-add-new-sealer-in-geth-1-6-proof-of-authority

Besides, to become a validator, that person must have more than 50% vote from other existing nodes.